COMMUNITY: What does it mean? Is it the area you live? Where your kids go to school? The atmosphere you work in? For me, it’s simple and is summed up by the picture to the left. It is the tremendous support that you, the Crossfit members, showed this past Saturday at the Broward Affiliate Cup, where we placed first in teams, first and second in womens, and first in womens scaled divisions. It is of my opinion that greatness is not achieved alone. In fact, it is probably impossible to reach greatness, especially in Crossfit, alone. Think about it, when are you fastest on a WOD, when do you PR your squat? Simple…when your peers are watching and encouraging you! Try Crossfit alone at home, it SUCKS! Trust me, I’ve done it. Crossfit with your friends, with your peers, even with your competitors…is AWESOME! It is rewarding to see more and more members show up for Mobility Class every Wednesday. Or see Facebook pictures of members out on the town together, whereas before Crossfit they didn’t even know each other. Showing up early, staying after class late and doing core with your friends…again this is all COMMUNITY. And let’s talk about Saturdays! Do 40-50 members show up at 10 in the morning simply because it’s the only WOD time that day? That may be part of it, but I know for certain that most of the members come because their friends are also coming!!! Again, COMMUNITY. As Crossfit grows, you, our members, make our community better and better every month. I want to say Thank You from all of the coaches and staff. It is an overwelming feeling. Yes, winning is awesome, and gratifying, but no matter the scores, looking up into the stands and seeing almost all of our Box screaming and cheering with their shirts on…well, it just gives the word COMMUNITY the definition it deserves!!! Thank you. We love and care about you all!