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Ah, Finally The Crush Games are upon us! I know it has felt like an eternity waiting for this weekend to come. One thing is for certain, our competitors have trained hard and are ready to give it their all.

Before we get in to our athletes, lets remind ourselves why we’re competing: To have fun! Sure, everybody wants to win. Just the fact that these people have signed up, and are ready to put their fitness to the test for everyone to see, is already a win for the 6545 CrossFit family. All of your coaches and friends are already proud of you!

Without further ado, your 6545 competitors:



image001Julissa Curbelo:

Julissa is no stranger to the competition floor, having competed in NPC Figure in 2005 and 2007. Her passion for fitness has spanned many years and training programs. She was a spinning and aerobics instructor for 12 years and discovered CrossFit in 2009 when a friend introduced her to it. “I was hooked”. Julissa is an absolute beast in the gym and her hard work shows. Keep an eye on her during this weekends competition!



Coach Kyle Edralin:

Where can you even start with Kyle? Its rare to find someone who is equally talented as an athlete as he is a coach. Kyles dedication to his craft has led to him to be one of the most technically proficient, strong, and skilled people you will meet in the gym….in any gym. At a body weight of 138, Kyle boasts a back squat of 325, a split jerk of 300, and 30 muscle ups in under 4 minutes. He might look light, but he heavy doe! Look for Coach Kyle to make some noise in the Men’s Rx Division.




David Grullon:

David, better known as the most interesting man in the world has been busting his butt for months in preparation for The Crush Games. In the last 2 years David has made appearances at
Sunshine Classic,
Freakin Throwdown
Raid Games
Ripped Games
Competitions aside, we’d like to focus on some of David’s more prominent highlights:

  • He has counted to infinity.
  • He knows where Waldo is.
  • He has won connect 4 in 3 moves.
  • He has started a campfire using 2 ice cubes.
  • He doesn’t read books. He interrogates them until they give him the information he wants.
  • He can cut a hot knife with butter




Coach Stephen Bromfield

Coach Steve is laser focused on making his mark on The Crush Games.  His preparation has been nothing short of impressive.  While coaching a full slate of classes at 6545 CrossFit and attending school full time he has still made the time to put in hard work in the box.  Steve’s attention to detail with his athletes has certainly carried over to his own training and we’re looking for him to bring the ruckus this weekend.




Carlos Casallas

Carlos is the epitome of “Engine”.  He just goes and goes and goes.  When you talk about the 3 modalities of CrossFit training, its hard to figure out which one is his weakness.  He can lift heavy, his gymnastics are on point, and his cardio is relentless.  Carlos recently completed 225 unbroken double unders.  We won’t be the least bit surprised to see this guy standing on the podium on Sunday.




Tina Tevis

Tina has been doing CrossFit for just 6 months.  She dove in head first and hasn’t looked back!  Tina has been a natural athlete all her life, having played basketball, softball, and football.  Until she found CrossFit she did traditional weight lifting and running.  She is one of the most consistent athletes at 6545 CrossFit.  Her drive and motivation are simply unmatched.  This weekend will be her first competition, and we couldn’t be more excited to see her out there on the stage!



Coach Kevin Hartmann

Hey, that’s me! Its been quite a while since my last competition and I’m excited to be back at it! While competition is exciting, fun, and nerve wracking all at the same time, I’m most excited about being part of a team that endures and overcomes together. I’m so proud of all the amazing members at 6545 CrossFit, competitors or not. You all make this box as great as it is, and with your support, we can do anything! Lets get it!


Special shout out to those who wanted to compete at The Crush Games but were not able to this time around.

Angela Goodwin signed up but unfortunately had to give up her spot. Her training has been on another level, and the gains she’s made in just the last year are huge. She is that girl that other girls want to look like when they start CrossFit. Thank you for the inspiration you provide to everyone at the box, Angela!

Amanda Barclay also wanted to compete, but life happened. Amanda is an Air Force Reservist and full time Customs Agent, both of which have kept her extremely busy and not able to get in sufficient training this time around. Thank you for your service, Amanda!
That’s all folks! See you at Tropical Park!

-Coach Kevin
6545 CrossFit

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  • Damian

    Kick ass guys! I know you will.

  • Andrea

    You guys are gonna kill it! You will all be amazing. I’m so proud to be a part of 6545! Good luck this weekend!!

  • Mishu

    Proud to see all coaches and athletes representing 6545 crossfit.

  • Kevin

    So pumped. Let’s get it!

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