Our fundamentals program is specifically tailored to the principals that drive OUR program. This program is for every single person that has never done CrossFit. Below are some examples :

If you currently do not do any form of exercise : Fundamentals will slowly ease you in to joining our regular program. As you learn the necessary movements, you will also be building your work capacity.

Weight Lifters : Weight lifters are strong. So much of that strength is raw power, and if thrown directly in to a CrossFit workout could be disastrous. Fundamentals will teach you the safest and most efficient ways to move. You’ll learn effective core bracing, safe shoulder position for powerful pushing movements, and how to maintain hip stability under heavy loads.

Runners : Runners have engines like no other. Ask any CrossFitter and they’ll tell you the thing they hate most is running. While running is an extremely effective way to build oxidative power, and improve heart health, it leaves out 2 of the 3 energy systems that make up a well rounded athlete. Running is also an activity that does not unitize the full range of motion of the hip and knee joints. Throughout fundamentals you will experience first hand just what 6 minutes of max effort feels like and begin putting your joints through their full range of motion.

Swimmers : Efficient swimmers are in a constant state of lumbar hyperextension. This can cause issues with core bracing and lead to lower back pain after a swimming career is over. You will learn body awareness and how to maintain a safe low back position during movements that are unique to CrossFit. Your cardiovascular conditioning will help you tremendously, we’ll do the rest.

We require all new members without CrossFit experience to attend our Fundamentals program. Even with an extensive athletic background, it’s important to start your CrossFit career on a solid foundation. This will allow you to build and grow as an athlete safely and effectively.