6545 Strength Gain Challenge


6545 CrossFit is happy to announce that we will be holding an 8 week “Strength Gain Challenge” starting November 28th.

What’s that you say? We can’t hold a challenge during the holidays? How can I stay accountable to my own health and fitness when the rest of the world is stuffing their face with turkey and grandmas pumpkin pie? Lets just say, that’s all part of the plan. While all of your friends are slacking off and trying to convince themselves they’ll start working out in the New Year, you’ll be making GAINS. Why not give yourself a heads start on all of the New Years resolutioners and have a beach body in January? Don’t worry Babes and Bruh’s, 6545 got your back….and your chest…and abs…you get the point.

Ok sounds great, what are the details? Glad you asked! First off, let me start by addressing how seriously we take our programming, safety, and results in the gym. Everything we do at 6545 has a purpose and a goal. Not a goal for tomorrow or next week, but a goal for next month, next summer and next year. Our members are well aware of what we are working on at any given time, which is usually manifested in statements such as “Oh my god we’re doing thrusters today? My shoulders are still dead from 2 days ago!” Task and purpose, we have it, and we’ll instill it in you.

So, about those details, we will be working on improving strength in each of the following 6 movements:

  1. Back Squat
  2. Bench Press
  3. Strict Press
  4. Sled Push
  5. Weighted Pull-up
  6. Power Clean

We will establish a baseline for each movement during the first week of the challenge. All of the weights we lift will be based on percentages of your baseline numbers.

For the weightlifting nerds out there, this program is broken down in to 2 mesocycles with 1 deload week in the program. The first mesocycle will last 4 weeks and build on your baseline numbers through a linear progression. The 5th week will be a deload in order to prepare us for our 2nd mesocycle, which will be short, low reps, and heavy weight. If all goes well (and heck, why wouldn’t it!) you will doing working sets at 100% in week 7. Week 8 will not have any programmed workouts, except for retest, which will take place on Saturday and Sunday, giving you 5 days of recovery before maxing out.

For those who thought that last paragraph looked like another language: You will get stronger in 8 weeks!

Competition format: We will break in to teams, as we did with our Body Composition Challenge. Scoring will be based on average percentage increase across the team. This means teams will need to work out together, and push each other to ensure that each athlete is contributing to the team average. For example:

Stephen’s baseline back squat is 250lbs. His retest back squat is 275lbs. He increased his back squat by 10%

Mikes baseline back squat is 300lbs. His retest back squat is 320lbs. He increased his back squat by 6%

Their team score for back squat would be 8%.
As always, we try to give our members the most bang for their buck, which is exactly why this challenge is completely free to the 6545 Fam. If you are not a member and want to get stronger, you can by signing up to the gym at the regular membership price.

Questions, comments, concerns? Send them this way.
-Coach Kevin
[email protected]

Get to Know Your Team!

Ah, Finally The Crush Games are upon us! I know it has felt like an eternity waiting for this weekend to come. One thing is for certain, our competitors have trained hard and are ready to give it their all.

Before we get in to our athletes, lets remind ourselves why we’re competing: To have fun! Sure, everybody wants to win. Just the fact that these people have signed up, and are ready to put their fitness to the test for everyone to see, is already a win for the 6545 CrossFit family. All of your coaches and friends are already proud of you!

Without further ado, your 6545 competitors:



image001Julissa Curbelo:

Julissa is no stranger to the competition floor, having competed in NPC Figure in 2005 and 2007. Her passion for fitness has spanned many years and training programs. She was a spinning and aerobics instructor for 12 years and discovered CrossFit in 2009 when a friend introduced her to it. “I was hooked”. Julissa is an absolute beast in the gym and her hard work shows. Keep an eye on her during this weekends competition!



Coach Kyle Edralin:

Where can you even start with Kyle? Its rare to find someone who is equally talented as an athlete as he is a coach. Kyles dedication to his craft has led to him to be one of the most technically proficient, strong, and skilled people you will meet in the gym….in any gym. At a body weight of 138, Kyle boasts a back squat of 325, a split jerk of 300, and 30 muscle ups in under 4 minutes. He might look light, but he heavy doe! Look for Coach Kyle to make some noise in the Men’s Rx Division.




David Grullon:

David, better known as the most interesting man in the world has been busting his butt for months in preparation for The Crush Games. In the last 2 years David has made appearances at
Sunshine Classic,
Freakin Throwdown
Raid Games
Ripped Games
Competitions aside, we’d like to focus on some of David’s more prominent highlights:

  • He has counted to infinity.
  • He knows where Waldo is.
  • He has won connect 4 in 3 moves.
  • He has started a campfire using 2 ice cubes.
  • He doesn’t read books. He interrogates them until they give him the information he wants.
  • He can cut a hot knife with butter




Coach Stephen Bromfield

Coach Steve is laser focused on making his mark on The Crush Games.  His preparation has been nothing short of impressive.  While coaching a full slate of classes at 6545 CrossFit and attending school full time he has still made the time to put in hard work in the box.  Steve’s attention to detail with his athletes has certainly carried over to his own training and we’re looking for him to bring the ruckus this weekend.




Carlos Casallas

Carlos is the epitome of “Engine”.  He just goes and goes and goes.  When you talk about the 3 modalities of CrossFit training, its hard to figure out which one is his weakness.  He can lift heavy, his gymnastics are on point, and his cardio is relentless.  Carlos recently completed 225 unbroken double unders.  We won’t be the least bit surprised to see this guy standing on the podium on Sunday.




Tina Tevis

Tina has been doing CrossFit for just 6 months.  She dove in head first and hasn’t looked back!  Tina has been a natural athlete all her life, having played basketball, softball, and football.  Until she found CrossFit she did traditional weight lifting and running.  She is one of the most consistent athletes at 6545 CrossFit.  Her drive and motivation are simply unmatched.  This weekend will be her first competition, and we couldn’t be more excited to see her out there on the stage!



Coach Kevin Hartmann

Hey, that’s me! Its been quite a while since my last competition and I’m excited to be back at it! While competition is exciting, fun, and nerve wracking all at the same time, I’m most excited about being part of a team that endures and overcomes together. I’m so proud of all the amazing members at 6545 CrossFit, competitors or not. You all make this box as great as it is, and with your support, we can do anything! Lets get it!


Special shout out to those who wanted to compete at The Crush Games but were not able to this time around.

Angela Goodwin signed up but unfortunately had to give up her spot. Her training has been on another level, and the gains she’s made in just the last year are huge. She is that girl that other girls want to look like when they start CrossFit. Thank you for the inspiration you provide to everyone at the box, Angela!

Amanda Barclay also wanted to compete, but life happened. Amanda is an Air Force Reservist and full time Customs Agent, both of which have kept her extremely busy and not able to get in sufficient training this time around. Thank you for your service, Amanda!
That’s all folks! See you at Tropical Park!

-Coach Kevin
6545 CrossFit

To Compete, or Not to Compete

The allure of a CrossFit competition is always there. We’ve all seen the CrossFit Games on TV or have been to a local event and seen all of the muscle bound-six pack-sporting guys, and the short shorts and sports bras rocking ladies. Our initial reaction is “I could never compete with those guys!”. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Competitions, especially on a local level, are meant to be fun and a test of your current fitness level. Your final ranking on the leader board is less important than your effort and you being able to take a leap to get outside of your comfort zone. This doesn’t mean that every person should jump in to a competition head first. Lets face it, some of us just want to break a sweat and call it a day. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

However, if you have just been itching to give it a go, here are some important things to consider:

  • Doing a WOD in a competition setting is no different than doing a WOD at the box. You’re going to warm up. You’re going to breakdown the WOD. You’re going to develop a strategy. You’re going to see that movement that you absolutely did not want to see, and you’re going to think the same thought you always think when that movement comes up. “Nooooo, why the hell did they have to put (insert hated movement here) in this WOD”!!
  • Moving with good form and thinking about your personal safety is STILL THE MAIN GOAL. We train everyday with safety and efficacy of movement in mind. Why should this change in a competition? Sure, the crowd is screaming, your significant other is in the first row, or the girl next to you just warmed up with your max. So what? Do YOUR best. Move deliberately, and consistently. SLOW IS SMOOTH AND SMOOTH IS FAST.
  • You may be more physically ready than mentally ready. 2 days and 6 workouts is exhausting, emotionally. Its easy to come in to the box and hype yourself up to do 1 WOD all out. But how can you harness that energy 3 times over the course of a couple hours? Its nearly impossible to ride the emotional surge over and over again. Finding a way to remain calm and recover between workouts is key. Get away, find a quiet place, and relax until its time to warm up again.
  • Competitions are not training, and training is not a competition. You will inevitably push yourself harder than usual in a competition. Its important to differentiate between these 2.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. 90% of people considering competition have the same concern: “If I compete in the Rx division I will get crushed, I think I should do scaled”. Don’t worry about the level of competition. Worry about the division standards. Can you complete all of the prerequisite weights and movements? Yes? Well, that’s your division. The fact that 7 elite athletes ended up in Rx should not hold you back. Over the last few years the level of competitions and the strength of the athletes in them has increased dramatically. There is no such thing as an easy competition. Chose the appropriate division for YOU and don’t worry about who is in it.
  • You will be nervous as Sh*t! You hear professional football players say all the time “I was nervous until I got out on the field and got hit in the mouth, then I was able to calm down and play”. This is exactly what its like doing a competition. You are going to have the jitters until you get out there and complete your first WOD. After that, its smooth sailing, hopefully.
  • You’re going to have fun. The sense of accomplishment from competing is awesome.

So while you’re browsing your local competitions, find the right division for you, sign up, and don’t look back!

Our “Benchmark Battle” is coming up on September 19th. This is the perfect opportunity to get your feet with in a competition-ish setting. Sign up for a workout and see how you like it!

-Coach Kevin




The recommended diet plan for CrossFit athletes is The Zone Diet. It was developed by Dr. Barry Sears to reverse cellular inflammation, which 90% of Americans have high levels of, and can lead to weight gain, disease, and minimizes physical performance.

CFR is here to help you simplify and stay motivated on the Zone Diet. Stay tuned for “In The Zone” challenges at CFR, as we continue to reiterate the importance of a healthy diet to coincide with your CrossFit routine. Notice we said “coincide”, and not “supplement”. If you’re truly serious about your fitness goals, you must be serious about both diet and exercise.

From CrossFit Inc: In plain language, base your diet on garden vegetables, especially greens, lean meats, nuts and seeds, little starch, and no sugar. That’s about as simple as we can get. Many have observed that keeping your grocery cart to the perimeter of the grocery store while avoiding the aisles is a great way to protect your health. Food is perishable. The stuff with long shelf life is all suspect. If you follow these simple guidelines you will benefit from nearly all that can be achieved through nutrition.

If you’re a long way off from eating in the zone, start out with ADDING the good foods and it will help immensely with ELIMINATING the bad foods later. Many people get started the opposite way and fail on a diet right away.

Balanced Nutrition: Each meal should maintain the 40-30-30 ratio for carbs/protein/fat
Use the ‘Block’ system to help measure and stay on track with the 40–30-30 ratio. A block is 7g of protein, 9g of carbohydrates, and 1.5g of fats.
Eat 5 times per day. 3 balanced meals, 2 snacks.
Don’t let more than 5 hours pass without eating.
Target calorie intake should be 500 for meals and 100 for snacks.
Drink 8 glasses of water each day.


COMMUNITY: What does it mean? Is it the area you live? Where your kids go to school? The atmosphere you work in? For me, it’s simple and is summed up by the picture to the left. It is the tremendous support that you, the Crossfit members, showed this past Saturday at the Broward Affiliate Cup, where we placed first in teams, first and second in womens, and first in womens scaled divisions. It is of my opinion that greatness is not achieved alone. In fact, it is probably impossible to reach greatness, especially in Crossfit, alone. Think about it, when are you fastest on a WOD, when do you PR your squat? Simple…when your peers are watching and encouraging you! Try Crossfit alone at home, it SUCKS! Trust me, I’ve done it. Crossfit with your friends, with your peers, even with your competitors…is AWESOME! It is rewarding to see more and more members show up for Mobility Class every Wednesday. Or see Facebook pictures of members out on the town together, whereas before Crossfit they didn’t even know each other. Showing up early, staying after class late and doing core with your friends…again this is all COMMUNITY. And let’s talk about Saturdays! Do 40-50 members show up at 10 in the morning simply because it’s the only WOD time that day? That may be part of it, but I know for certain that most of the members come because their friends are also coming!!! Again, COMMUNITY. As Crossfit grows, you, our members, make our community better and better every month. I want to say Thank You from all of the coaches and staff. It is an overwelming feeling. Yes, winning is awesome, and gratifying, but no matter the scores, looking up into the stands and seeing almost all of our Box screaming and cheering with their shirts on…well, it just gives the word COMMUNITY the definition it deserves!!! Thank you. We love and care about you all!


2 rounds:
• 200 m Run
• 10 cal row

2 rounds:
• 30 sec Samson Stretch Right
• 30 sec Samson Stretch Left
• 30 sec Side Lunge Right
• 30 sec Side Lunge Left