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6545 CrossFit
6545 CrossFit

6545 CrossFit is committed to maintaining the integrity of CrossFit as a program for GPP, general physical preparedness. As a member of 6545, you will learn not just the movements, but the concepts that drive our program. You will learn, relearn, and consistently touch base with the 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit.

Our program is based heavily on the hierarchy of development. You must learn to eat right before you can exercise. You must have conditioning before you can perform gymnastic movements. And you must be proficient in body control before you can lift weights. We will not rush you in to doing movements you are not yet ready for, and conversely, we will let you know when its time to step on the gas.
CrossFit is our lives and our passion. It is a proven and proficient program and 6545 will provide Coaching and a Facility at the highest standards possible.

Our programs can accommodate all fitness levels,  from beginners to elite Athletes.  This is because all human beings require their bodies to be able to perform the same universal movement patterns.  While an elite football player needs to squat heavy weights to be explosive on the field,  our grandparents need to squat to maintain the physical competency to sit down, stand up, and move about freely and independently.  While the degree of difficulty is worlds apart, the movements are the same.