6545 Strength Gain Challenge


6545 CrossFit is happy to announce that we will be holding an 8 week “Strength Gain Challenge” starting November 28th.

What’s that you say? We can’t hold a challenge during the holidays? How can I stay accountable to my own health and fitness when the rest of the world is stuffing their face with turkey and grandmas pumpkin pie? Lets just say, that’s all part of the plan. While all of your friends are slacking off and trying to convince themselves they’ll start working out in the New Year, you’ll be making GAINS. Why not give yourself a heads start on all of the New Years resolutioners and have a beach body in January? Don’t worry Babes and Bruh’s, 6545 got your back….and your chest…and abs…you get the point.

Ok sounds great, what are the details? Glad you asked! First off, let me start by addressing how seriously we take our programming, safety, and results in the gym. Everything we do at 6545 has a purpose and a goal. Not a goal for tomorrow or next week, but a goal for next month, next summer and next year. Our members are well aware of what we are working on at any given time, which is usually manifested in statements such as “Oh my god we’re doing thrusters today? My shoulders are still dead from 2 days ago!” Task and purpose, we have it, and we’ll instill it in you.

So, about those details, we will be working on improving strength in each of the following 6 movements:

  1. Back Squat
  2. Bench Press
  3. Strict Press
  4. Sled Push
  5. Weighted Pull-up
  6. Power Clean

We will establish a baseline for each movement during the first week of the challenge. All of the weights we lift will be based on percentages of your baseline numbers.

For the weightlifting nerds out there, this program is broken down in to 2 mesocycles with 1 deload week in the program. The first mesocycle will last 4 weeks and build on your baseline numbers through a linear progression. The 5th week will be a deload in order to prepare us for our 2nd mesocycle, which will be short, low reps, and heavy weight. If all goes well (and heck, why wouldn’t it!) you will doing working sets at 100% in week 7. Week 8 will not have any programmed workouts, except for retest, which will take place on Saturday and Sunday, giving you 5 days of recovery before maxing out.

For those who thought that last paragraph looked like another language: You will get stronger in 8 weeks!

Competition format: We will break in to teams, as we did with our Body Composition Challenge. Scoring will be based on average percentage increase across the team. This means teams will need to work out together, and push each other to ensure that each athlete is contributing to the team average. For example:

Stephen’s baseline back squat is 250lbs. His retest back squat is 275lbs. He increased his back squat by 10%

Mikes baseline back squat is 300lbs. His retest back squat is 320lbs. He increased his back squat by 6%

Their team score for back squat would be 8%.
As always, we try to give our members the most bang for their buck, which is exactly why this challenge is completely free to the 6545 Fam. If you are not a member and want to get stronger, you can by signing up to the gym at the regular membership price.

Questions, comments, concerns? Send them this way.
-Coach Kevin
[email protected]

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