Professional CrossFit training
Your health, fitness, and safety are our top priorities.


Clean and Jerk Clinic

This 3 hour clinic will focus on the Olympic lift, the Clean and Jerk. Coach Mike will take you through specific warmups, technique drills, positions and practical application.

About 6545 CrossFit

6545  CrossFit is a L2 CrossFit training facility located in Davie, Fl. We are committed to providing high level professional CrossFit training, and remaining true to the methodology that has made CrossFit the most effective training program in the world. Our focus has been and always will be on results and safety. We will make a point to know all of our members on an individual basis and ensure that their training is suitable to their current fitness level.

Our programs can accommodate all fitness levels, from beginners to elite Athletes. This is because all human beings require their bodies to be able to perform the same universal movement patterns. While an elite football player needs to squat heavy weights to be explosive on the field, our grandparents need to squat to maintain the physical competency to sit down, stand up, and move about freely and independently. While the degree of difficulty is worlds apart, the movements are the same.

Our Services

Personal Training

Not into group classes? Just want to get some one on one training to work on a weakness? Schedule a 1 hour personal training session with one of our coaches.

Nutritional Guidance

Included in the price of every membership is free nutritional guidance. We will introduce you to the zone diet and teach you how to build balanced and portioned meals to support the exercise you will be doing at the gym.

  • Nick started Football, he has never played before. His first partial practice was Monday Night. They gave him his equipment to wear for the first time on Tuesday for a scrimmage in Miramar. The coaches put him in telling him what to do on each and every play. They had him blocking on the offensive line and he drove back the defensive lineman back 5 to 7 yards every play. I was amazed...and so were the coaches. Today, Day 2 of Football he was the only one that could drive the sled, the coaches were blown away. He is now a starting Right Tackle for his team. After practice the coaches came up to me and asked ...